Poem Hunter
HK (04.18.98 / Dhaka, Bangladesh)


She's soaring through the breeze,
Floating up in the sky
Over the glistening seas,
Abandoning all their goodbyes.

Bright flashes of light
Scarred her eyes with future.
But 'twas too late to take flight.
She was dragged up through the closure.

Passing the serene cloud,
She is falling upward.
Leaving her life, no longer proud,
She creates oceans of blue in a white crowd.

Pitch black, and nothing to live for, her mind shuts down.
The brilliance of His existence forces her awake.
She took matters into her human hands and upon that does He frown.
Surrounding her core is a dull ache.

In this darkness, there is a shine,
A blinding white hope entwined with her sorrow.
Tears flowing down her twinkling eyes,
She's been granted another tomorrow.

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