Resurrection Day

This wonderful Springtime season
Is a time to rejoice and sing
it's the Resurrection Day
Of our Savior, LORD and King
He gave His all to save ua
From the fate that we deserve,
And He came back from the grave
On this day that we observe.
The smiling Easter Bunny
And brightly-colored eggs
Are vying for attention
Putting wing upon their legs.
Many know not the meaning
Of this so precious a day,
They know not that Christ arose,
And they never kneel and pray.
To tell them is our mission,
They need to hear the glad news;
Christ arose and so can we,
The Greeks, the Gentiles and Jews.
To accept Him is crucial,
He'll guide us through thick and thin,
And on Our resurrection day,
Eternal joys begin!

by Mary Jane Cosby

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