SM (June 1941, Cancer / Egypt)

Resurrection Of The Dead Fantasy

The earth was desolate and eerie
No humans, no animals, no plants
No roaring lions, or birds singing
The dark clouds covered the skies
The fierce whirling wind
Powerful, strong and howling
The darkness engulfed the earth
All of a sudden from nowhere
A loud horn shook the earth
The stark bright lights dazzled
Drove the darkness far away
Angels with pure white wings
All around filling the skies
The demons with hell fire flames
Murmuring and scorching everything
Shadowy ghosts came from the earth
The multitude of dead resurrected
It is the dreadful judgment day
The good ones are greeted by angels
leading them to happy nice place
The evil ones are gathered by demons
led to their final punishing place
The end of the human odyssey
With the grand final judgment day

by Sherif Monem

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i loved it for nothing but i imagined it though i'm aware of the idea already beautiful poem and strong words too Eman Awad