Resuscitation Gifts

Standing back and peeking.
Through a cracked door.
Insuring a recession ignores them.
And stays across the street.

A double talk heard and spoken,
From both sides of mouths...
Have been pouring out!
And awakening those shakened in disbelief,
Resuscitation gifts promised...
Will help them take a leap.
With fantasies intact,
And fantasies safely wrapped...
To soothe anxieties eased by anticipation.

And a death that creeps...
With a murdering of realities,
Deepens even in confinement...
The minds of those clinging onto possessions,
With tight clawed grips!
Visions are being shattered.
And no one can get over the quickness of it!

Yet they weep...
As others moan!
The groans are getting closer to 'home'.

Grim reapers have been released.
And those who sneak peeks,
Are hoping to block the shock that comes.
They stay inside their homes whispering.
With no desire to participate...
A fate that belongs to others.
They will not smother their nurtured delusions.
This is the only thing left they own!
And they will protect them at any cost.
Even though the lost of certain!

Resuscitation gifts to keep them uplifted,
May not arrive on time!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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