Retaliation Of Truth And Commonsense

Restricted, repressed, chained to complacency
Under house arrest without companionship, without love.
Like the coo of a morning dove we sigh a long deep breath
As the sun rises and brings in a bright new day
Fearful of the hope that will come
Dreams that will sail slowly past our grip

Too tired to cry,
Too weak to fight,
Longing for the chance to prove them all wrong
Beaten down by bigots, hypocrites and skeptics all the same
Judged solely by the past, never understanding true potential

Purest of intentions twisted by jealousy and guilt
Blocked by pride and humility
Freedom lost to adolescent frustration
Guilt of every failure that never was given a chance to win.
Haunting thoughts of desperation and escape
Praying to God that this will all mean something in the end

Wolves stalking from the darkness
Waiting to mutilate me again and drain the blood form my veins
But we’re just doing our job and you have become an easy victim
To meet our quota and receive praise for keeping the peace
That which you don’t seem to understand
The harmony or this world you understand and won’t accept.

I’ve changed my ways; I’ve met your challenges,
And I’ve said no everyday, and laughed at the irony of all you don’t see
But I’m the guilty one! I’m the GUILTY one! Fools sleep tight!
To hell with you ideals and holy integrity,
I’ve seen better from street bums

You couldn’t handle me while self medicated
So I’ve agreed to your terms and vials of little orange pills
Keeping my desires and passion at bay, and me out of your way.
Now that I smile and act cordial and pretend the you don’t bother me
You’re happy, and think that I’m ok, never further form the truth

You’ve only aided in a time bomb waiting to explode
There will be an immense impact on the world as you accept it
Controversial and edgy, offensive and cynical and I will laugh
Laugh at your surprise to the ignorance which you hold as a safety net
I will smirk at the puzzled look on your faces as you question your mistakes

Then maybe you will look at the world in a different light
One which I have provided the spark and protect the flame
You will see the truth and understand that you were wrong,
And your whole life you’ve been missing the point.
And then we will see who the skeptic is and who feels helpless and alone

My loneliness and isolation bring me comfort,
Because I know that your can’t touch my dreams and imagination and my vision of what’s to come.

by Jack Dylan

Comments (2)

This sounds as if you are a sinister force working against the rest of us, that you are enlightened while the rest are naive. It'll be interesting to see how that works out. Another great write! ! ! I really love your imagery.
This is a real expounded poem of discontent Jack. A couple typos but who cares? All I can say is, we all see life differently and I am glad I see it, my way, cus yours seems a very lonely dark place, where I could never wish to stay. Good poem though. 10 from Tai, always looking positively, no matter which way!