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Rethink In Progress For M 'Lady Mamta
IOI ivor or ivor.e hogg (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Rethink In Progress For M 'Lady Mamta

Rethink in progress.

The empty skies are echoing. There are no song birds left to sing.
There are no trees there is no grass. What was foretold has come to pass.
The world is dead and desolate. Mankind did not appreciate
the need for conservation. He practiced exploitation.
Although resources were finite. Mankind thought they had the right
to freely use all they could find and paid the future little mind.
Some realised but far too late what was to be their future fate
When all resources had been used but sadly most point blank refused.
To change their foolish wasteful ways, Thought new resources would replace.
What they consumed without a care and stripped the earth completely bare.
The race of man has now died out.The earth is better off without.
The race of greedy parasites who could not curb their appetites.
A self inflicted genocide: Mankind committed suicide.
The earth lies fallow now to rest because Gaia thinks it’s best
But in due course she’ll try again. With a new race to replace men.
We were a bold experiment which did not work as it was meant.

Wednesday,24 February 2010
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You definitely put down in this. It would be nothing short of amazing determination and unity to face our not too distant future challenges, let alone our pressing current dilemmas. Maybe poems will play a part in fostering the changes needed? If so, maybe you'll be the poet? Best wishes.