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Retired To Florida Perhaps...
(15th May 1972 / Birmingham)

Retired To Florida Perhaps...

mr god is dead
and mr satan is past it
he now spends his long days
playing whist with the damned

we students have surpassed our teachers
outclassed them in every way
more good and more evil, than they were
what reason for them now to stay?

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Interesting concept. The world does seem to be moving gradually away from complete dependence on religious precepts. We're a skeptical and questioning bunch, maybe just a little more faithless. I wonder if, in time, science and knowledge will ever overcome the natural tendency of humans to create/believe in gods. Just think, a million years from now, scientists and philosophers look at us (us, being the complete race of humans since recorded history) and scoff at what our 'silly beliefs, ' being able to disprove them, the same way we now look at the Greeks and their mythology. Well, I guess we'll never know; we're confined to our generation.