Retiring But Not Retired

Poem By Susan Casey

While we all sat around thinking of the right words to say
Someone, not me, took the lot and threw them up all over the agenda.
The Boss freaked out and glared across the table,
While everyone tried to look busy and not meet his eyes.
The way the truth dropped you would think a woman had come in
And smashed his glass ceiling.
It is so amazing the effect the truth has on this micro world.
He waved his hand like Donald Trump and we expected to hear
“Your fired” any time come from his quivering mouth!
Is that drool or sweat, I see at his lip as the truth sinks in
Moreover, it is suddenly sink or swim time for someone around here.
Gathering the monopoly cards close to the chest, we all looked around
For a sacrificial cow.
Victim needed, anyone will do, Hiring now!
All expenses paid. Summer job for someone? Ha any retiring shadow will do.
They turned then and looked
Right at you.
You looked behind you, Champion of the working class.
Surely not you, stood up for everyone and even if you say it
You are the best that he has.
Ah! Who threw the truth in and unglued the corporate mainframe?
Yes well then you only have yourself to blame.
When you see the sudden shuffle of chairs around the table
That leaves you in your own spotlight.
Then suddenly the audience breaks into a thunderous applause.
Jump to their feet, you take your final bow
With a smile of course!
Job done, the leading lady exits stage left and the curtain falls to the ground!
Act over!
Bring on the change of scenery!

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