Retract Thy Words!

Poem By Anne Onymous

Retract thy words!
Or he will see
the secrets in my heart
Too much! Too soon!
My feelings must
remain within the dark -
From he who has a shining soul
But a life much of his own
I would wait, at least for now
Until our friendship's grown

But too late? your words I fear
Already have been seen?
A fear instilled within his mind
An awakening from dreams.
How quick one falls
How deep one swims
Within the words one writes
His conscience maybe, right now
Is asking 'is this right'?

My heart, if you should read this now
And question words of late
Trust in me, and worry not
Forever I will wait
Till we are ready. Or maybe not?
Who knows if that will be
The words I write
The words I say
Conjure differently?
From images you've yet to see
And things we do not know
But should we fail, And never be
I will always love you so.

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