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Retro-Lution Or All Life In The System On The System Depends
EB ( / Earth)

Retro-Lution Or All Life In The System On The System Depends

In the natural world
A balance exists
That regulates growth
Reduces the risks
Of a dominant species
Gaining control
By ensuring components of life
All have roles

Independent of each other
Yet we live as a whole
Even bacteria
Our life cycle involves
So life can’t be hijacked
For one species end
For all life in the system
On the system depend

But man in his ignorance
Has disregarded this rule
What he sees as success
Defines him a fool
Wild life destroyed
Forests removed
Mans departure provided
By his very own tools

He’s a bit like the fox
With it’s cycle of food
If the rabbit (his dinner)
By hunting he removes
Though with Man it’s not bunnies
But the havoc he wreaks
As he plunders the Earth
To lay gold on his streets

With no thought for the world
Or his partners in life
The planet he wastes
With continuous strife
The balance of nature
Man has now upset
With temperatures rising
What will happen next?

The balance of nature
Will no doubt keep control
But life as we know it
May not be it‘s goal
For life started before
Man leapt down from his tree
And for millions of years
Did without him succeed

There is more yet to come
From the bosom of Earth
Which has time left to fashion
From out natures purse
Life forms designed
For a new Noahs Ark
(But no monkeys that talk please...
They’re a pain in the...!)

As when dinosaurs finished
Their spell on this sphere
Natured retained
(To pleasure our ears?)
Their tiniest forms
From their millions of years
The birds of our gardens
That sing with such cheer

Catastrophic were the changes
That brought that to be
The cycle of life?
It may well have been
For who knows what it takes?
What forces set free?
It just seems that this time
Its Man turned the key

Perhaps the results
In the future we’ll see
New life forms inhabit
A new Earth to be
Will some species of Man
Then still be retained?
Relics of history
Like birds, just the same

They then could amuse
Life’s new rulers proclaimed
By singing them songs
(They would need to be trained!)
But to safeguard the Earth
From the havoc they cause
They should have to be made
To walk on all fours

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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