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Blue Suicide

As blank as a board.

As long as that mile.

As lifeless as the child.

Who the theropist had filed.

Didnt seem to bad.

She said she didnt cut herself.

But it was so her aunt wouldnt get mad.

While trying to reach out for help.

She wanted to change.

For her friend who delt with her pain.

Knowing she has to do this.

Wishing for his kiss.

Not knowing she is clueless.

What is the right thing.

Am I doing it right.

Am I making the right change.

Not cutting at night.

Getting rid of her blades.

Looking up rubberbands.

She still feels shes in that cage.

Filled with nothing but cants.

Wanting him to call.

But she made that stupid mistake.

Walking down the hall.

Building up her sake.

Feeling hes not there.

Even when he says I LoveYou.

Thinking you cared.

And again not having a clue.

Why you were there.

And im still feeling blue.

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i thought this was excellent, Christina. this & your sonnet you've put out today - so romantic. i dont think the last two lines fit in with this, however. they don't do the rest of it justice. good stuff, keep it up. Sus.