On a woven wool blanket
on the ground under a tree,
A whisper surrounded me,
then an embrace,
and a soft silence,
underneath a star-filled sky.

I felt a cool breeze
even though the warm night lingered,
and while there,
I carved your name, with love,
on the bark of that tree.

Funny, I came back years later,
and the tree was still there,
with your name carved
in a heart, with love,
but you were gone, and I -
I was alone.

by Scarlett Treat

Comments (9)

Sadly nostalgic and very well written, redboid...
You've written a lovely piece here, Scarlett, about the power of memory esp. with physical evidence to back it up. A strange sensation, travelling back in time this way... one never forgets what mattered once. Love to you! Esther
Really packs a wallop! The dramatic timing, I felt, is perfect, Scarlett, and the description puts me there.
This is so sentimental Scarlett and I love it. The simplicity of the narration speaks volumes for why piece like this have so much resonance and will have for decades to come. Some would perhaps be sniffy about a piece like this, I think that ignores the basics of the art. No-one says there hasto be complications if a piece can be written as well as this, in a simple language, it is worth reading.
Sad tale of Romance past and its metaphoric symbolism of it's lasting memories. I like this a lot, S.S.....great theme...High grades on the Sentamentality meter. Solid Penning...''''''''''''''''''''FRANK/fjr
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