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Leaves fall, and winter comes
And part of you still remains
Hoping for the time to change
Hoping for your return again

I sit here by the window
Wondering how you are
And yet time moves on
And your spirit seems so far

Another you have taken,
to be by your side.
You look so happy,
And yet my heart still cries.

It Cries for reason,
For what is now love lost
Yet I sit here wondering,
What it all cost

And yet, time passes
And winter turns to spring
And although you are not here
My love returns again

Are lives will move on
As is the faith of time
And yet every now and then
I will feel your heart inside mine

And the day will come to be
When all the worries will drift away
And the pains and the sorrows
Will be old times now long timed played.

Destiny will take its course
Yours and mine
And in the end of it all,
I know your return shall be sublime.

Cause the funny thing about your return,
Is that hope pushes me on
Past the season and the years
Back to what it all once was

And although I sound mad
crazy in love if you wish
Hope, is what drives me forward
For a smile, a look, and your passionate kiss.

And Even thou I have no control on time,
On any of what I say
I know deep inside
My love, you will return again one day.

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