Baby, I don't know
what I wish I had done
but I left this town at sunrise
and circled the whole world
in a lifetime

Would you hold me
if I came back here
It's home but I know
I'm older, I fear
that standing taller isn't the same as
standing tall

Spreading seeds,
catching the wind in a bottle,
I'm finally the lucky one
And after all the clocks stopped ticking
returning to my spring

Would you let me in
if I came back here
After all of this
I'm stronger, you know
leaving here isn't the same as
leaving you

It's a minute worth a memory, it's a
train on the right track
It's a sprint, it's a world,
It's a sunrise, it's a soul, it's
Life biting right at your heels

But would you know me
if I came back here
Streets shift so I don't recognize
I've changed, I fear
that growing isn't the same as
growing up

by Maya Hanson

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