IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Return Of The Exiles For M'Lady Lucianne

At last the dragon race is free
from the long exile they have served.
A very heavy penalty imposed
although it was not deserved.

Found guilty although innocent.
They had no choice but to obey
and so began their banishment.
Reluctantly they made their way.

To a far distant galaxy
where they were forced to make their home.
The Dragons waited patiently
they knew in time the call would come.

They have returned triumphantly.
Their unjust exile at an end
back to their home world eagerly.
Where they are needed to defend

the human race from anarchy
They reassume their ancient role,
as guardians of humanity
and once again they will patrol.

The skies of earth vigilantly
and will restore the old values.
Neglected by the humanity
allowed to fall into disuse.

All will be treated equally
and peace will reign on earth once more.
Now that the dragon race is free
These benign guardians of the law.

All will accept this gratefully.
The gentle and the innocent.
But some will tremble fearfully
afraid of well earned punishment.

Today I saw the dragons fly.
A sight I never thought to see
in graceful arcs across the sky.
To guard and guide humanity.


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Love dragon 'tales' Ivor! I for see, historically When their job is done and peace On earth 'tis once more insured for Everyone.We'll have no use for dragons Loose to wander aimlessly our shore They will be then, 'exiled again' till theres A need for them -- once more! *10*! ! Friend Thad