IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Return To Eilean Mhor For Friend Mark

Return to Eilean Mhor

My island homeland calls to me from far away across the sea.
She whispers to me quietly but none the less insistently
I left my home reluctantly; there was no future there for me
except a life of poverty. I braved the terrors of the sea
I was still young and fancy free, had no responsibility
The last one of my family no relatives to advise me
No man controls his destiny; it seems that fate had plans for me.
Which would not necessarily allow me time to simply be.
I chose employment carefully, rose through the ranks successfully
and joined the board at forty three.Made president eventually
The time has come it seems to me to retire gracefully
Return to where I long to be. There’s nothing now to prevent me.
My home island still calls to me as she has done consistently.
Since I left her reluctantly I will return permanently.
To wake up every day and see the seagulls soar above the sea
and like the gulls I will be free to live my days out peacefully.
No pressures there to distress me I will have time to simply be.

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