Return To Me

Return to me
Late at night
When New York sleeps,
We will watch the night's glow
From a different perspective

Return to me
While the winter is here,
We'll revive
Memories of the past times,
I'll be waiting
On the crossway,
Because I love mild winters.

Return to me
While our thoughts are fresh
And the day is
Ready to transpire,
Into a low tide
And watery flames

Return to the city
Even for the last time,
And instead on the sidewalk,
On our hearts-
We will engrave...
Something the storms
Could remember

Not for simple everyday chaos,
But when the moment touches eternity
We could talk about poetry,
Or the faraway shore of Istria

With quiet footsteps,
So the world would not be
Insolent and flurried,
And your face not faded,
But happy with gladness

So we could be one
With the universe...
And in our souls, we will cherish
Of the past summers

To the village, forest, field,
Or the street without the number,
And if I don't find you
I will be dreaming

by Silvana Krculic

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