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Return To Semaphore

In mid to late December thoughts return to home once more
And this Christmas he's going back to Semaphore
The old Town by the ocean far away
In South Australia where he first saw light of day.

The Town he left when he had turned nineteen
The bigger World out there was to be seen
The bug of wander was in his young soul
And the urge to travel beyond his control.

This year for Christmas with his wife and young daughter south he will drive his way
Of his brick home in Sydney's Rushcutter Bay
Close to two thousand miles the journey up and down
For to spend the New Year in his old Hometown.

He last was in Semaphore about five years ago
And many there he did not seem to know
And though the need in us is to cling to the past
In his old Hometown the changes happened fast.

With his wife and daughter from Sydney he will drive down
For to spend a few weeks in his old Hometown
And in Semaphore he will drink to the New Year
And for his old memories shed a silent tear.

by Francis Duggan

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