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Return To Sender (Postcards To Daddy)
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Return To Sender (Postcards To Daddy)

She said I saw him once in Carolina
He didn't even know my face
Its a long and lonely drive to Carolina
I gotta get back to that place
On the dock is where he met my mama
She said he'd never get past first base
He told her he loved the 'good girl drama'
and leaned in to kiss and taste
Daddy never even tried to raise me
Mama watched him leave years ago
She said, child you'll think I'm crazy
but I still love that man so

Daddy what's so appealing about Carolina?
Don't you ever think about me back home?
Will you recognize me when I reach Carolina?
You're baby girl is now full grown

It's me daddy here in the moment
How can you deny your eyes on my face?
Gives a deja vu feeling don't it
You denied me in the first place

Daddy its so nice in Hawaii
I've gotten married
Everything here is so pretty
Its a shame you cant be here with me

Tell me is it nice up in heaven,
Do you still deny me up there?
My baby girl's now eleven
she has your eyes and your hairline

The weathers bad down here in Carolina
as I tell my duaghter our story
She'll never see your face and I'll never hear
I love you soo much and I'm sorry

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u must like ben harper?
so touching..a daughter denied of a father's love..it raises pain in the heart..wonderful write..