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Return To Spring
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Return To Spring

Poem By Lori Clayton Shamock

Abominable summer heat is an obscure memory
Crisp, chilly breeze and flame-hued leaves are autumnal history Gone are gray skies that shroud the lifeless landscape of November
And Jack Frost's antics that precede and far surpass December The great metamorphosis from sterile winter's hoary scene
Transforms earth to kaleidoscope spinning shades of green Colors spew from nature's palette laying radiance to view
When fair seasonal blooms of flora burst forth as if on cue As solstice wanes excited birds sing out in celebration
Their joyous chorus hailing praise to all rejuvenation My yard is now an aviary to which I've been impound
With twittering cacophony played in stereophonic sound Cool zephyrs sift through my window screen as early breaks the dawn
Toting scents of honeysuckle, upturned soil and new mown lawn Caressing rain drops lovingly cleanse and refresh thirsty lands
Candlelit clouds spark silver veins to conduct percussion bands Teeming brigades of insects march, minute to sizes greater
Bees stage a jitter dance in their nectar amphitheater Sluggish creatures escape a musty hibernation prison
Revel in sunshine and flourish on young growth just arisen Nature restores life in a realm proclaiming her maternal
How wondrous it would be if she could render spring eternal

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