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~return To The Hallway Of Hell~1~the Story Begins Once Again

hello monsters of the night
do you remember me
the little girl you broke
the one you used and abused
night and night again
do those night still haunt you
or do they fill your dreams every night
do you think of me
cause I still think of you
all of you
I was a little defenseless girl then
you were so many full grown men
did you enjoy your time with me
was it worth my pain?
Was it worth the money
you must have spent?
Do you think it was worth
the damage you have done?
Did you not see
what those nights did to me
did you ever wonder
if I survived after you all left
cause I did
I am now stronger
I am now me
I now return to this hallway of hell
I walk these steps where you once dragged me
I face the nightmares head on
I hear your voices
you words forever haunt me
but tonight
I am here to face you
I wish you were all here to see what you created
those nights of torture and pain
should have drove me completely insane
but I refuse to live my life in vain
I will not let you take my future
for you already took my past
you took my childhood and so much more
and now I stand here taking my future back from you
you actions shall no longer control me
my life is now my own

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In this poem you found your inner strength and you are the winner.'That which does not kill us makes us stronger'Frederick Nietche and quoted on Conan The Barbarian, Good poem.I'll be reading more of them as I go along.There are so many poets and I have so little time.
Wow, this is really good, you really evoke some emotion from me. i feel hurt and release.
That's the way 2 b! When they beat u down get back up and stick it to them. Great poem!