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~return To The Hallway Of Hell~2~walking Tall

I stand in that very corner
no longer that little girl upon the floor
I stand tall
as I walk to that corner
claw marks still in the walls
nothing has changes
the horrid red walls still the same
shaking I move my glance to the door at the very end
the door to the monsters den
from the door is where you all appeared
I remember staring
watching the light
from beneath the crack of the door
waiting to see your feet appear
waiting for the monster to be released
I never once walked freely down these hall
dragged, pulled, thrown, carried
not today
today I will walk free on my own two feet
step by step
I walk forward
staring at the crack of the door
flashes from the past
mix with views of the present
knees become weak
must continue on
no wish to feel this defeat
I stand tall
shaking away those past fears
remembering I am no longer that little girl
a full grown woman I now stand
as I remember all that was done
those nights filled with hell
gone and past
those nights were yours
your control, your plan
well today
is my day
the control is mine
for here to stay

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Comments (2)

wow! ! ! thats the spirit of a full grown woman...keep it up! ! ! raise and keep our power alive... dump those who puts hell to our lives...
U GO GIRL! ! ! Don't let the monsters get 2 u. I love ur powerful poetry. Keep writting and I hope u can move on from what those jerks did 2 u.