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~return To The Hallway Of Hell~3~the Struggle Begins

approaching me
step by step
slowly but steady
the grin grow upon his face
as the laughter springs forth with in his voice
he feels my fear
enjoys my squirming
so close now
he lowers to meet my stare
pure evil held within those eyes
seeing flashes of his fantasies
‘ baby girl are you ready to play’
‘please god no not again’
is all I manage to cry
‘Com’on baby girl take my hand’
I scream through my tears
‘Have it your way
he stands up
reaches down for my hair
I stand to my feet
no longer that little girl
suddenly I am once again full grown
I meet him eye to eye
“you will not do to me as you did before I am not longer your little toy’
‘You’ll always be my baby girl and you are but a toy and I am ready to play’
he grabs me by the hair
I fight back this time
punching and kicking
he slams me against the wall
holding me up by my neck
moves his mouth so close to my ear
‘baby girl I told you its time to play’
‘You know I love it when you fight’
‘give me your best’
my lungs ache
as I am unable to breath
he tightens his grasp
then drops me to the floor
I struggle for breath
crawling on the floor
I fight to stand limbs so weak
my mind filling with defeat
fighting to stand I get to my knees
he grabs me by the hair
and starts the drag me to that horrid door
just like before

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you make wish I could have been there with a machete
...wow... It's like I could see what was happening. Great poem, sad but a real peace of work. Keep writing.