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~return To The Hallway Of Hell~4~the Fight Starts

NO my mind screams
I try to fight
the more I move
the more I scream
I feel his excitement grows
I stop my screams fighting to hold it together
I will not let him win
not this time
I give up this struggle just as we reach the door
he grabs my arms slams me against the door
moves his face but an inch away from mine
kisses the tears still pouring down my face
“still as yummy as before”
“FOCK OFF” I scream in his face as I knee him hard and firm in the chest
I fall to my feel as he falls to the floor
he stand with a smile
“what you really think you can win this? ”
he lungs at me
I use chance to switch sides
waiting for him to come at me once more
I move quickly
it is his turn to be slammed through that door
I grab him slam him against the door
hand wrapped tight across his throat
I move so close I can feel his excitement
of what e think is to come
‘you forgot I am not so little as before
I will no longer give in to you’
I take one step back
“ god I love you more baby girl, its so fun to watch you actually fight’
his words fuel the anger withing
as the fear starts to fade from the adrenalin that is beginning to build
move backing away from him
then quickly race at him
before he could react I jump on him
sending him, thought the door
me landing on top of him
he grunts from the impact
the smile still there but beginning to fade
my grin now growing

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YEAH! ! ! KICK HIS ASS! ! ! Love this poem... it has alot of strength in it.