Return To The Villa

I've returned to the Villa
For the first time in years
The chandelier's still hanging from the ceiling
The candlesticks that were once hacked off have been replaced
All of these things take me back in time
When I remember that youth was mine

I walk through the halls
Past the rose garden
Up the stairs while glancing at some paintings of the Villa's previous residents

I walk into a guest room
Where the furniture has been faded from the sunny afternoon
The chairs have been stacked with care
The mirrors have been replaced
The bed seems untouched yet made after all these years

With night coming
And my energy, wits, and bones weary
I purify the room with holy water
I leave crosses and crucifixes on the night stand
And I hang garlic all around

With me guarded by the forces of good
I lay myself down to sleep
While hoping for a wonderful dream to keep

by Justin Gildow

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