You betrayed me,
I heard you lie,
You broke my heart,
And made me cry,
I had loved you,
With all my heart,
But you cared not,
Right from the start,
But I forgave,
Tried to forget,
Believed my love,
Was all forfeit,
I healed my heart,
As best I could,
Gave up on you,
I knew I should,
I fell in love,
With someone new,
Felt happier,
Than I ever do,
Then you appear,
Back in my life,
I got confused,
So full of strife,
You tell my friends,
That you love me,
And now I write,
This poetry,
I don't know if,
You're true or not,
Can't trust your word,
With what I've got,
You may be true,
Or you may lie,
But truth remains,
I'll say goodbye.

by Kim Hooten

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