Poem Hunter
KH (October 11,1988 / West Allis, Wisconsin)


You betrayed me,
I heard you lie,
You broke my heart,
And made me cry,
I had loved you,
With all my heart,
But you cared not,
Right from the start,
But I forgave,
Tried to forget,
Believed my love,
Was all forfeit,
I healed my heart,
As best I could,
Gave up on you,
I knew I should,
I fell in love,
With someone new,
Felt happier,
Than I ever do,
Then you appear,
Back in my life,
I got confused,
So full of strife,
You tell my friends,
That you love me,
And now I write,
This poetry,
I don't know if,
You're true or not,
Can't trust your word,
With what I've got,
You may be true,
Or you may lie,
But truth remains,
I'll say goodbye.

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