Returning Home

Poem By Tex T Sarnie

On a warm midsummer evening I was returning home.
A light breeze wafted through the Jasmine filled air,
which made the early hours walk more pleasurable
whilst the new moon brought brightness to everywhere.

Several speeding shooting stars flew across the sky
on an otherwise still and quiet perfect night.
But then an unusual bright light or a meteorite fell near by
which obviously gave me an unsuspected fright.

A short distance ahead behind the trees on the left
the sheep quickly ran from a silent static glow
to the opposite side of the edged field.
I had to find out what this was I just had to know.

Walking cautiously towards to silver glowing light
it appeared to be very similar to a fallen star.
The brightness caused me to partially close my eyes.
But I could see that it was only the size of a small jar.

I nervously and cautiously crouched down close to the object,
and without actually touching I sensed no heat or vibration.
In fact, the temperature was surprisingly cold when I touched it.
Confidently, I placed into my pocket, but then sensed an odd sensation.

Without thinking I lay on the grass and stared up into the sky.
Looking at the stars I felt as though I should be up there.
With my hand around the object in my pocket it began to vibrate.
So, I took it out, it left my hand and disappeared skywards into the air.

I must have passed out there and then.
A dream filled my mind as if I was asleep.
I was mentally travelling across the universe
until I awoke surrounded by a flock of sheep.

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Tex, such a well crafted poem....10+++++++++++++

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