Men among each other
having good laughs
at the girls

they are seeing in women:
big eyes looking up
the skirts trimmed

breasts blown-up
the mouth pushed round
For each of them a candy girl

each of them a Betty
Betty Boop or Betty Bum
downy hands, downy belly

beefy girls, but downy women
they cannot fly away
and want sex all the time

Betty Boop or Betty Bum
in the boys' world
of men among each other

by Zywa Zywa

Comments (2)

I think that, to understand this poem you need to know the setting, the background, why it was written. I do not, but it seems to be a group of soldiers returning to their camp in the darkness. The line Death could drop from the dark could refer to a bomb or missile, or even a cannonball.
Serpent hides on her kisses.....May be a story of the medieval times memory through histories. Great writing.