He saw her walking, striding by
Hair bouncing golden against azure blue sky
Nose poised perhaps a little high
With a clip clap of heels that made him sigh
A flounce of skirt as she was passing
Left him with a mind full of questions asking
As his eyes followed, watching on his horizon
Slender legs were seeming sliding, almost gliding
Then she stopped and paused looking all about
Perhaps sensing his presence, he had no doubt
A hint of scent upon the wind enveloped him
Like a double shot of bootleg spirit
Sending him dizzy as if a whirling top in eager children’s hands
Deep blue eyes momentarily alighted on his form, she sighted
Looked straight past to her waiting friend, soon reunited
Of they went with frantic conversation
Like a dam had burst from years of non-communication
Just two words or even one would have for him
More than sufficed, or even a flash of eyes with lash
Would have given such welcome recognition
Of his heart and mind’s predisposition.

by David Taylor

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