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Reunion '66

How magic the days when we were young
with friends that we have come to cherish.
The times we shared, the things we did
bring memories that will not perish.
Dances and Balls, Walking through High School Halls
our sweethearts close by our side,
Friday night games, french fries at drive-ins
getting stuffed on Pizza pie.

Those were the days my friend
we thought would never end
‘fore we lost our innocence
In a far off land called Viet Nam
where many paid so grave a price.
From Camelot to Anarchy in just eight years,
we had not a clue of what to do,
‘cept duck our heads, get on with life
make the best out of what we knew.
That done, we educated ourselves
and marched toward our destiny.
Built careers, married, raised kids
and passed on a promise of life
each generation is destined to do.

On the road to our future
something was lost,
at so great a cost, that many would forget.
The fellowship, the brotherhood,
the feeling we belonged to something
bigger than our ourselves.
Dispersed and lost to each other
‘tis easy to forget
the love we shared with
those we cared so much about.
But we must not forget
just look back with regret
on what we left behind
and know there was a purpose
for what we all went through.

So my friends let us restore
more memories of each other
and remember our past,
for it was like no other.
So, let us meet just one more time
before this life has past
and make more pleasant memories
that in this life shall last.

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Wonderful penning, a story that rings true with many.