Reunion At Facebook

Should we not thank all the scientists and engineers?
For technology created as they reach out their careers.
Known before computers, a web was a spider’s home
Gets reunited in this World Wide Web

Reconnect with long lost friends from yesteryears in gain
That I thought would never see my erstwhile crush again.
Unwittingly vanished too quickly with linger behind none
Heart beats quicken with excitement to fasten the undone.

Everyone wished to see faded photographs with old style
Young and innocent faces that comments makes you smile.
Oh, topsy-turvydom to all, as names we can not remember
‘Thou others had bade goodbye, ne'er make it in September.

In my search for lost friend, names appeared was in despair
‘Coz our age taking our mundane now covered with grey hair.
Memories engraved in heart, full of joy and laughter shared
Hope guides the years that we shall meet and be prepared.

Copyright© Salvie Rosales-Truitt 2010

by Salvie Rosales

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