Reunion Fancy

There's a snow in April
What fixes on. What contours landscapes
with wet cure, escapes contention, disturbs
just a bit, then continues coursing through
lean space twixt heaven and this earth here this.

Earth scene, sense can't take home the bacon.
Sense is not quite champion of task,
need what is withheld, social man, held back
not honest show, 'not' due to layers piled-up
over time, that we pray says we are without care.

Heads high from one or two modalities that would
wrestle our limiting selves to the mat and symbolically
wring its less than lover-ly neck, using meanings
left by the ancestors, both man and beast.
Heated up and transient.

It there enters its waiting banquet, shakes sets of hands,
elbows grabbed in delight, as though and ever so
break-neck speed should light the path behind. Hug.
How we got there, where came from, similar smiles,
past usage styles that do line a face.

that do set the pace and pre-determine winners outside
marked lanes, the race. Hi Anthony! Hey there's
Deborah, been years. Hello Juan, no we're lacking
specifics and generally don't know the way, but stop
our polonium progress this will not. A many fleeced flock.

by Joe Duvernay

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