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Reunion With Bhagirathi


When I am down, tired and jaded, after all the day's strains, I come to you
I enjoy boundless joy in your company, a heavenly feeling
An aroma with a cooling breeze soothes me constantly
And I start laying ears to your unheard stories when the sun sets.

I am lost in an wonderland as the night begins
And when the full moon gleams on your face
I feel ashamed to judge which one is more beautiful
I deeply emerge into a mysterious world in silence.

I still reminisce my childhood romance with you
When you were restless like a young girl with attractions
I played many funs, dived into your heart to search something
I floated on your beautiful bosom for hours.

I left you with pains leaving behind all childhood memories
I forgot you completely with attractions of modern luxuries
But nowhere I got a little bit peace, a compassion
So I come back to you again to regain my childhood love.

I know you are past prime of your youth
We both are lean and thin flowing towards the destination
I would like to touch you because you are still sacred
Oh dear Bhagirathi, can I have a kiss and hug before saying goodbye.

by Bireswar Halder

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