Revealed And Exposed

There is nothing.
Absolutely nothing at all,
That compares to the repair...
Of a broken heart that has been mended,
By an act that has revenged that.
Especially when it has been discovered,
Lies told by others have been revealed and exposed.

And I would rather not find myself ever again,
With people like that...
Who would create havoc just for laughs.
I hate what it does to me internally.

'That would make me angry too.
What does it do to you? '

It makes me change.

What do you mean by that? '

I'd rather not discuss or think about it.

'I think I understand.
What do you mean when you say,
It changes you?
HOW do you change?
You get upset?
Do you get...
Mommy. Mommy?

Would you stop that.
I told you...
I didn't want to think about it.
I told you...
I hate what it does to me.

I believe you.
Don't 'ever' do that again.
WHAT was 'that' behind you?
And that look on your face.'

Didn't I tell you,
I didn't want to think about it?
You're just like a child.
You can't accept what someone says,
To leave it alone and be done with it.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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