Revealed Everyday

It is going to get increasingly difficult,
For those who chose to be superficial...
To recognize sincerity to them given,
After dismissing the ones who freely gave it...
As weak and perceived to be easily duped.
And not accept a life lived to experience,
As a process that makes one more direct...
With concerns that are less in the making of impressions,
By some who may consider this the only way to address...
Being uncomfortable with insecurities they can not face,
To erase or admit that keeps them hiding behind deceptions.

One who has already traveled this road loses tolerance easily.
And a sincerity given that has been taken for granted,
Stops abruptly with those too immature and caught up in charades...
To leave them parading in masquerade,
With others of equal limited insights questioning life.
As an aging to not accept each stage of it to process,
But a digressing done on a regular basis...
To stop with futile attempts to prevent a flourishing of a bloom,
For many self deceived perceive this as a strength.
Although revealed everyday are their fears to confront truth.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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