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Revealed From Pretentions Concealed
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Revealed From Pretentions Concealed

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Those who waste to take their time,
Producing false accusations...
To do with limited minds,
Wallowing away in the bottom of gutters...
Hoping this will find,
A reason to discredit efforts of others...
Without a shred of evidence produced,
Diminishes to reduce a credibility once enjoyed,
By those who seek someone else to destroy...
With accusations and proof of their delusions,
Eventually revealed from pretentions concealed.

'People are quick to say what someone else does,
To discredit their efforts.
And then when asked to produce the evidence of it,
Quick they are to create it to make and in bad taste...
With a faking of it to represent their own reflections.'

~Who do you speak of 'specifically'? ~

'Trust me,
Fools know who they are.
To give them attention is just what they seek.
Believing their misdeeds to offend.'

~They do.
Don't they? ~

'Of course they do.
And to mention fools specificially,
Is what they expect the unconscious to do.
To create further and ongoing tension.
Not mentioning them ends it. Period.
Idiots live to get attention.
And those who follow are delighted to be made fools.'

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