Revealed To Make Known

What are you doing?
You can't do that.

'What do you mean,
What am I doing?
I am holding myself accountable,
For my own actions.'

What about the people?

'What about the people? '

What will they do now?
They are accustomed to finding fault.
And blaming with accusations,
Those who normally deny any participation...
In creating to initiate forward movements they have made.
What do you expect me to say to them?
Since now I find myself in a unique situation.

'Say something like...
You people are plucking on my last nerve.'

But then they will turn on me,
Because they will feel offended by the message.

Now you know why others are reluctant,
To take the responsibility to become messengers.
And think of it this way...
You will not have to question,
Whether or not you have gotten their undivided attention.
People do not keep that a secret,
To be revealed to make known.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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