Revealing Layers Of Other Attempts

A façade created,
To establish interest
Does not attract.
No matter what innovations stated,
Went into the making of faking it.

The façade eventually cracks.
And behind the chipping,
Are seen exposed bricks.
Revealing layers of other attempts,
To present what's inside
As something never seen before.

Until the unswept floors
And dust on unkept steps,
Exposes aging and old attitudes taken
For a promised sweeping from a past,
To introduce a total and complete change.

And the expense of not doing this,
Has affected the stability of the foundation.
The board of directors selected,
Speak of diversity and its inclusion.
But few represent a diversity needed.
Or reflect from what outside can be observed,
As a meaning of it being inside intended.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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