CH (April 16,1989 / Richmond, Virginia)

Revel In Anguish

In a tangled web of romance I find myself
the inevitable reminder of my ignorant faith
I have become oh so accustomed to the role of 'Martyr'
yet I cringe at thoughts of capitulation.

Can you hear my shouts of torment?
No, I am silent as a god, and hold no animosity
Granting constant forgiveness, I seek the final throne
To be attoned by her, and plunge this dagger a final time.

Is such action so strange?
Is the concept of love so foreign today?
If so, then forget me now, don't remember me as the fool
My dignity is all i have, yet for her, a sacrifice is necessary.

Do not act to be impressed, love is unstoppable
would you praise the sun for rising each morning?
Would you praise the rain for falling?
The sun must rise, the rain must fall, and love must suffer.

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