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CH (12-19-31 / Boston MA)


Poem By chuck Hurley

All the questions we had that came from individual thought
To be answered day after we die; believe it or not.
If humanity has no purpose or reason it will not survive
Every child must be protected; else all of life becomes a lie.

All will be lost by the death of man's covenants and promise
The children to be saved and for the rest; 'shame on us'.
Each thought of purpose and reason that led to a human act
Even silence will be expressed to reveal all truthful facts.

Nothing will be left unsaid and silence will be spoken
A soul can be repaired if cracked; but not if it is broken.
The mind will unfold and slowly its energy will release
Every thought, image and word from highest to the least.

Time is a gift that includes human life as an earthly loan
Children do not die; they just return to their spiritual home.
Warriors with good purpose and reason to be absolved
Those of responsibility a more difficult problem to solve.

Words define and meaning change
Whomever is in charge seems to believe they can rearrange.

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I agree A 100% With what you are Trying to say