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I cannot show you, nor can I hand to you,
the knowledge given me, 'tis so very true.
So I would like to share my event now
and this poem is one way I know how.

A cynic and ever so skeptic was me
I had to know the total reality you see.
I needed to know and have the solution
of our life, and final place, a conclusion.

Many questions I did ask and many books
I read, and I did receive many strange looks,
from those of whom we think should know,
and they told me, 'it is Faith you must show'.

'Faith in what? ' I wondered as I looked at man,
and was told to 'read that book and understand'.
I read that book, and many more that I could find,
and I found that many thoughts were not my kind.

I needed facts and reality, and not those fairy stories
of man fighting man, for his own power and glories.
A time did come when I believed in what I did see,
the earth, it's contents, and of how beautiful they be.

Intuition of which is a gift from God, told me clearly
that there was a creator of all that we hold so dearly.
I'd looked closely at a deciduous tree and it did show
much more than all or most would ever hope to know.

From a three foot tall, seed fruit tree in Autumn
there was not a leaf of any kind on it to be seen.
I'd thought and thought of it's processes made
to survive through many seasons without fade.

One old book, it does read 'seek and ye shall find',
so I read and asked much, but still with eyes blind.
My mind was always open, and many answers sought,
I argued, and with many wise men, and replies fought.

One lovely day when almost thirty two years of age
and as the day grew into night, and without a page,
I closed windows, bathed warmly, and went to sleep.
The night was quiet and peaceful, not heard a peep.

All around me I could 'see' a gray tunnel swirling
without sound, and sweeping me softly, twirling
up towards a beautiful warm white circle of light,
and the unimaginable wondrous feeling, so right.

Awareness of no body came to my calm mind,
and no shock, dismay or discomfort of a kind.
I 'knew', I did 'see', of where I was traveling to be.
I didn't need ears to hear sounds, but I could 'see'.

It was without doubt that Heaven was at the door
of that long tunnel where all was there, and more.
No weight, no pressure, no strain, no worry or pain
was known, just absolute sheer 'Heaven', I did gain.

As this new process continued of this God given gift,
I learned that there were no physical feelings, no rift.
I was invisible, a soul without weight, or any worry,
all was so beautiful with nothing sad, or to feel sorry.

No caring man was depending on, or even needed me
and not even my beautiful two children, five and three.
However, I did then realize that my darling tiny daughter
needed her mother, as trees and flowers do need water.

At that time it was known to me, that we have made
our world the problems we must now through wade.
Two commandments were all given, from God to man
and we humans have added more, to gain a power plan.

A choice I did have to return and to complete this life,
and to struggle through more trials of living and strife.
So I then tried to again have blood run through my veins,
to come back into my body and to again know my brains.

Too much air, my still and lifeless lungs could not take,
as I learned that minute amounts of breath I should make.
Little by little the air did increase into my dead organs,
and I felt the warmth of circulation begin, without bans.

I'd had no body until my thoughts allowed me to breath,
now I was down again, on my bed, my mind did weave,
to the place I'd been, and chose to return, as my toes did
feel warm blood traveling up slowly, no places were hid.

'Why would anyone seek to return from such a paradise,
so beautiful, so serene, and where all is known and wise'?
you may ask, but let me tell you, my answer totally true,
it just was the best and right thing for my daughter, to do.

My friends who may wonder as I did, and surely you must,
let me tell you, that our bodies will certainly return to dust
but our happy spirits will travel to the heavenly land.
So love God and each other, as was by God planned.

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