Revelations As They Are

When you decided to take it upon yourself,
To ignore my needs...
With a depleting of my quality of life.
I bet you had no idea,
Who watched this closely...
And presented you with every test.
Just to observed what you would do next!

And when you believed you were freed from judgement,
The Creator stood by...
Preparing to send His 'angels' to fly!
Over the skies of the Earth.
They are amongst us now.
Ignoring your worthless repentence.
With your pretensions...
Of a fresh discovered rebirth.

Revelations as they are...
Dismisses interpretated wishes.
Those who have kept their faith and trust...
Identify with the signs God has sent.
And those who have defied them...
Will find themselves lost,
In their own excrement!
Sinking in a stench.
And wondering why for them there is no rescue!

'Your deeds have not advantaged the meek.
A greed to feed one's selfish needs,
Sows what is bestowed upon those who now reap...
Anguish in eternal sorrow.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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