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Revelations Of A Grown Child
DT (08-04-1964 / Louisville, KY.)

Revelations Of A Grown Child

Poem By Dave Tendell

The musty stench reaches its’ final destination.
In this old attic, a bulky blanket of dust covers everything like the desert sands after a turbulent storm.
Below the filth all remains unscathed.
The entirety around is a good and sometimes painful recollection of a forgotten past.

As I rumble through the lost past, I find small treasures of what was and has been.
I realize these items wee a part of what made me what I am and will be.
But more significantly, these old belongings are all that is physically left of my parent’s existence,
who have long since graduated to a much better place.

My father and mother must be proud of the upright man I have turned out to be.
My incredibly special wife is my spirit, while God continues to occupy my very soul.
Although I miss my childhood most dearly, I would never go back even if I most definitely could.
My purpose is my wife and the future we will build and share.

As I box up the ancient times, I smile for the future that has not been written.
For I know the two leading characters were meant to be.
I look into her beautiful eyes and spot the loving future yet to come.
We are not unerringly healthy or well-to-do…
But we comprise everything to constitute a good life.
For we have all we could ever ask for…
We encompass each other.

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