Revelations...The Ultimate Sensation

What on Earth do they hope to accomplish...
With antiquated, outdated fear campaigns?
They have proven they can kill.
And introduce catastrophes...
Better than Mother Nature will!
But their minds are disturbed...
With barbaric refinements.
And I wish to uplift their consciousness,
To realms not twisted...
By the sickness they've inflicted!

Upgrading methods,
Of propelling sticks and stones.
It's enough I don't turn My back on them,
And leave those jackasses alone!

Progressive people?
Of 'super powers' and greatness?
Who began this contrived wickedness?
And 'who' are the members,
Of this clique of ego bitches?

'That's a good question,
Your Majesty.
Our 'observers' are also baffled,
By this lunacy! '

Here! ...
Induce them with My wishes quick!
This demented festival has to end,
With this fix.
Call it 'Revelations'...
The Ultimate Sensation.
And make sure all know,
This process now begins!
It is time to get there posthaste.
Before My beloved Earth...
Is turned into a dust ball,
Of smoldering heated waste!

'Should we avoid the 'm/f' word, Father?
For some reason...
The younger people are using that expression,
With a heightened degree of relish! '

There's no need to call them anything at all.
Just do what has to be done!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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