VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)


How this pleasure and cynical smile, etches across my expression
The luxury of your torture, that brings ones heightened, satisfaction
To a new level of distain, upon the brow of the weakened victim
My victim, my toy, of indulgence, that I reap the unforgettable sin

I wish for your horror, that I may seek humour in your distress
Forcing you to open yourself, so I may touch you, with uncontested caress
The humiliation of you is the taste of sugar, on a bitter tongue
I wanted to say insults to you, and the whipping upon your skin, it stung

You don’t know why I do this, because, I want this power over you
Knowing what your, feeling, is the laughter I conjure inside, so undue
Your, never to witness the light of day, this is the way by your default
Squirming on the floor like a slug, dissolving, under a sprinkling of salt

I want to know how you feel, when the pain penetrates your tolerance
No saviour around to see this, so your loneliness shall feed, my confidence
Stronger am I now when your fighter essence is challenged, so relentless
Little demons play and dance upon your body, tired, weak and helpless

Pathetic is your totality, as beasts come and relieve themselves, upon you
Leaving behind when the door closes, unknowing when my returning is due
As the dogs, cometh, to lick up the spillage of you, writhe and struggle now
The giggling of my mind can’t restrain, when you’re forced before me to bow

Are you so strong right now, when I bring you to your bleeding knees?
Is this funny for you too, seeing me so up high, above your parasitizing fleas
Sway in the wind as I brought you here, only to strike you down again
My time with you is done, you were fun today, so now I return you to your pen

For day break is not your saviour, so I may be the capturer of you, once more
To see you runaway and witness your defeat, when I drag you back so sore
Your nightmares are of no concern to me, for my caring is sighted to another
Who has witnessed all so far, the one who used to love you, now shall not bother

The one that was once your embodiment of passion, now pleasures me in luxury
She stands before you now and laughs, aloud before your trembling body
It is not enough for me today, ‘til the moment you beg me, for your death
Stripping the flesh from you, in pieces, I shall tear you until your very last breath

by Vision Ghost

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