JB (May 18,1996 / Belle Vernon, PA)


Where were you?
Where were you when I needed help?
Where were you when I needed saving from myself?
Where were all day long,
When everything was going wrong?
Don’t you see the tears that I’ve cried?
Don’t you hear the wishes that have died?
I don’t know why I’m not perfect
I don’t know why I try,
Maybe it’s because
I do know there’s a limit
Somewhere deep inside
There’s a part of me
That wants to smile
To look at life as if was worthwhile
But it’s not
It never will be
Because there’s another part of me
That wants to kill someone in particular
And it’s you
‘Cause I hate you
For the absence
For the tears
For everything
I can’t wait to meet this side
I’m sure we’ll get along
You meet her too
Don’t worry about that
So when you read this,
I had made this true
My wish
To finally get rid of you
By: Jacquelynn Bobbs

by Jacquelynn Bobbs

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Thank you so much much Ms. Childers!
I really liked this!