EI (April 12,1991 / Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

*******(Revenge Of The Dust Bunnies) *******

I'm nothing,
no one,
just a speck on your floor.
When you do notice
that I'm there thriving,
you don't realize me
as an entity;
you only deftly sweep me up
and try to get rid of me.
But I'll come back,
mark me, I will...
You cannot,
you will not,
conquer me forever.
I see you dancing around and
celebrating my death...
but heck, I'm dancing too
(and I even brought friends along) .
You'll keep sweeping me off
for as long as you can,
but each time you do,
you'll look down
and see more specks than ever.

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I particularly like the title of this one! Very cool! Hugs, Dee