Revenge Of The Nipples

You sit there in front of me
legs spread across the girth
of a double seat
arms folded against your chest
staring at me
wanting me to notice

your bulge

and I wonder what you’d do
if I ripped off my bra
and let my freezing cold nipples
poke through
your inflated ego

by Sheila Knowles

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Comments (7)

Perhaps Sheila, you ought to buy some 'hub caps' for those, they will obviously be in need some sort of protection! ! ! ! ! ! ! They are clearly titillating in the extreme. Sincerely Ernestine
Bravo to every cold-pointy nipple!
Pure genius, Sheila! I loved it! Warmest regards, CJ
A scrumptiously deliciously hilarious poem. Nice one(s) .
Loved 'poked through your inflated ego'. avr
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