Tumhare Aane Se....

Tumhare aane se
Meri ye duniya badal gayi..
Tumhare aane se pehle main kaha thi
Aur ab kaha kho pari.
Tumhare aane se hi
Meri chhaaro aur rang cha gayi hain
Tumhare aane se
Meri saari dukh mit gayi hain
Tumhare aane se din mein bhi taare dagmagate hain
Tumhare aane se ye zindagi har samay muskurate hain...
Na jaane tumne ye kya kar dala
Magar main itna hi keh sakta hoon ki
Tumhare bina main reh nahi sakta...

by Rituparna Choudhury

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Simple and sentimental must be the most puerile and inane criticism ever aimed at a poet. In this age of novelties, we should not forget that Landon was startlingly original, of internationally fame and hugely influential. One might accept the combination of 'cold and sentimental' and 'flat and intense'. That intensity is certainly evident in 'Revenge' but it is not unusual and the powerful undercurrents in her work are not that difficult to spot.
what the he? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? !
And swear as your heart is as a shrine wonderful poem and recited it.
........truly a great write....now she feels revenged....after giving him her heart and he smashed it to pieces....for she knows he isn't loved as well.... ~'Tis well: I am revenged at last, Mark you that scornful cheek, The eye averted as you pass'd, Spoke more than words could speak. .....and the last line says it all ~For thou art nor beloved. ~
In response to Greg Hutchinson: the correct word is not. At some point, a typo occurred and has continued. See page 135 of _The Poetical Works of Miss Landon: Complete_ published in 1839. You can find it via a Google search: google books complete works of miss landon.
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