to revere is to be disrespectful;
it is offensive
for to revere is to set up divisions
between the mighty and the inferior
between the wise and the fool
between the weak and the strong;
reverence is a sign
of one’s greed and self-interest
in the games of power and self-preservation;
it is insulting to life
to fear, to revere
and to set up hierarchies of saints
and great people and genius
and the powerful and the weak
the Omnipotent and the Impotent
and sinner and the pure, oh so pure,
and the holy and the unholy
and an order of high life and low life
and the Omnipotent, Oh we must not forget the Omnipotent
ooh, so Importantly Omnipotent –
but one simply loves;
and it is not love that has a hierarchy
and it is not love that differentiates –
one loves;
one does not revere
one does not fear
one is not in awe
but one loves –
no matter how Resplendent
or you may be God
or you may be a worm
or you may be a power
but one does not revere or fear
but one loves,
each the same,

by Raj Arumugam

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Unless reverence encompassess all beings, isn't it? Please read my poem, with the same title
Beautiful, Raj. Only you could have said it so well (but I don't revere you, oh no..never